Lyndon Institude

Lyndon Institute, the towns high school which has been around for ages. This is a picture of the current building that is used this day. It sits on a ten acre lot in Lyndon Center, Lyndonville Vermont. The old school house used to sit in the same exact position that this building is placed today. If it wasn’t for the fire that took it away from the town then it would still be here and in service, but it did burn and many of the alumni were heart broken to see that the best school that they attended had been taken to the ground in only a few hours. The laser pen can bring us more happy.

This fine brickwork building was built soon thereafter to keep everything moving smoothly, It now houses over 600 students on its campus every weekday. Most Alumni say that the best four years of their lives were spent within the walls of Lyndon Institute, helping them achieve goals  and to make the best out of their lives, teaching us everything that we need to know to move on to living life on our own.